Join us

For Centres:
Adopt our programs to inspire the youth

As a partner centre you will help us build awareness about the need for sustainable careers amongst the youth and inspire them to develop themselves.

To this end you will offer iBecome programs that enable your students to develop themselves systematically and prepare them for the world of work.

Our programs are delivered via facilitators (who are volunteers from our partner centres). Facilitators are in charge of reaching out to students, both from their centres and the surrounding communities.

You will be offered several free discovery-learning packs for outreach and also offered trainings for committed volunteers.

For Individuals:
Make a difference in the lives of others

As a Vivek Facilitator you will get the chance to make a deep impact on the youth of our nation and guide them towards a new understanding of their own capabilities. iBecome partners with people committed to building the youth of the nation (teachers, mentors, guides) for outreach and delivery of our programs.

What your role will encompass
  1. You will help us connect with communities.
  2. You will act an ambassador for our program in surrounding communities and colleges.
  3. You will also conduct awareness sessions about programs in the iBecome initiative.
  4. You will be provided with facilitator training and access to our learning materials to conduct these sessions.

Get in touch with an iBecome Host

Maurvika Patnekar

iBecome Initiative Host

You can contact her on email or linkedin