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Welcome to the iBecome FOS Program

Welcome to the iBecome Foundations of Self program, designed to help you unleash yourself. As you begin this program, it would be beneficial to think of this experience not as a study session but as a journey of growth.

As with any journey, your participation and engagement with the program will determine the value you gain from it.  In this course, we do not expect you to merely sit and listen, but to engage fully. Below are some of the best ways to engage with this program:

  1. Contribute: We ask that you are engaged and fully present during the live class sessions. This not only means paying attention in class, but also contributing to the discussions in the classroom. You and your peers will learn as much from the course material as you will from each other’s experiences and thoughts. Your coach, in turn will enhance this experience for you by guiding you through this process.
  2. Care: Each class in this program is outcome oriented. This means that you need to care about all aspects of the class. Right from being on time, filling out the assessment tests on time to engaging with the Explorium offered to you. We encourage you to play with the concepts, to experiment with them and  bear witness to your own self-discovery.
  3. Create: Ultimately, our mutual goal is for you to emerge with a new perspective at the end of six weeks. At the end of six week, you may emerge, stronger, more assured of yourself and ready to plan your future.

Please feel free to contact us with your queries and welcome on board!

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